The Colour Wheel: Your Guide to Choosing The Perfect Colour Schemes

February 14 2018

Here at Luxe Walls, we understand that coming up with a cohesive colour scheme is usually the hardest part when starting to style or design a space. When looking at virtually the endless arrays of hues, it can be almost impossible to choose a single colour let alone multiple! But fear not, we’ve put together some tips and tricks straight from leading interior colour stylists to help you navigate those multi-coloured waters.

Pick a Colour, Any Colour

Before you need to be scared about choosing an entire colour scheme, all you have to do is pick one colour! If this is your first interior colour campaign, the best way to go is to think about how you want your space to feel and what purpose it has.

For example, if you want your room to have a relaxing feel and calming nature, pale soft hues are definitely the best option. Or, if you want your space to feel more lively and animated, brighter and more vivid colours to make your space pop are the easiest choice.

Choose a Colour Scheme from the Largest Pattern in the Space

Do you love a large and patterned piece of furniture, rug or any other decor? Simply just grab your favourite colours from that and before you know it, you have your very own colour scheme! Now before you go a buy everything you own to be the exact same colour as your rug, it is important to remember that if you choose this method that this large pattern acts as a guide and not an exact replica of the rest of your space.

Feel free to add some accents of other colours that will complement other elements in the room. It’s a great way to come up with a colour combination without the stress of having no idea what you want.

Decorate Light to Dark – Vertically

A common rule of thumb for many decorators and colour stylists is by decorating with colour vertically. Using this rule, darker hues of similar colours are placed at the bottom of rooms, usually on the floors, whilst medium tones are placed on the walls and lighter colours on the ceiling.

Stylists take this cue from the earth itself, noticing how nature has its darker elements at the bottom and lighter components towards the sky. Using this rule, before you know it your colours will easily give off a balanced, evenly scaled look.

Use the Colour Wheel

If you think you have found the perfect colour for your room, but are just not sure on what other hues would complement it, turn to no other than the colour wheel. When it comes to styling with colours, analogous tones always seem to complement each other effortlessly.

Using the colour wheel, simply find the colours that reside next to your preferred hue that you think would look great together, and there is your colour scheme! If you are struggling for that perfect combo, it really is an easy fix.

Back to Black

When it comes to styling with colour, leading stylists are saying these days that almost every room should have at least an element of black. When it comes to black shades, you really can never go wrong. It’s ability to complement virtually any other colour is unparalleled, and gives every space it resides in that extra sophisticated feel. When it comes to this hue, incorporating even the smallest detail of it in your space is a yes on all fronts.


When it comes to styling with colours, it can almost always be a daunting task due to the wide range of options you can have. Hopefully with some of these tips, adding some colour into your spaces will make your styling that much easier, and even a little fun! All that’s left is to get colouring!