The Power of Negative Space

May 23 2018

Believe it or not, but negative space is an important aspect of interior design that shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s equally important to focus on choosing the right decor and colour elements, as well as the strategic lack of decor in a space. In some instances, less is more, so here are some tips to let your room have that breathing space you will definitely love.


The Spacious Truth

What some people don’t realise is negative space can do the exact same thing as filled space when it comes to interior decor. An empty area can provide a place for your eyes to rest, and a better sense of appreciation for the things that are already there. Negative space brings all the positive elements in a room into clear focus, allowing visual comfort and harmony. Start by asking yourself, “what can I remove from this space that doesn’t really serve a purpose?” and start your process of elimination to achieve negative space.


All About Emphasis

Eliminate distractions and bring all the attention to focal features of a room by using negative space. For example, if you have a stunning artwork, wallpaper feature or light fixture and you want this piece to be the hero of your space, negative space can make this happen! Just simply eliminate any surrounding decor to make it have that extra impact. By doing this, you are creating drama around your chosen feature and enhancing it as a statement element.



An interesting trick used with negative space is by creating an asymmetrical layout. Usually in interior design, our eyes love to settle on a symmetrical and ordered design. However, breaking up the order and stability with off-centred space or placement really makes a difference, infusing energy into any room.



Sometimes choosing the largest, most glamorous chair or table isn’t always needed. Often, furniture featuring negative space emanates an air of simplicity and sophistication. Mid-century furniture is a great contemporary example. Utilising sleek, smooth lines with a balance of precisely placed spaces will be a winner for your interiors and leave your eyes less confused as to where to look.



Negative space is definitely one of the most influential design tools when it comes to interior design, and the least amount of work! With some of these little tricks and tips, paring back your interiors to achieve that calm, cool and collected look should be that much easier. It’s time to curate your very own space!