The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Kid’s Room

September 13 2017

Styling and decorating for children can be a tricky business… You want a space that matches their personality and their interests but also reflects the overall style of your home. It also needs to be an interior that withstands ongoing growth and change. Challenging, right?

Which is why we’ve got our stylists together and picked their brains for their ultimate tips for decorating a kid’s room…

1. Choose temporary wallpaper wisely

Naturally, here at Luxe Walls, we’re big believers in temporary wallpaper, but regardless of temporary aspect, it still makes sense to choose your designs wisely, so that you’re not replacing your wallpaper every year.

The first thing to consider is choosing gender-neutral designs and colour palettes. For example, avoiding the traditional pink and blue cliches and opting for soft greys, duck egg blues and more washy tones. If you’re keen on patterns, you can work with stars, dots, geometrics and stripes. These designs allow you to update the decor around the room while still acting as a chic foundation, and won’t date as your grows up.

We like to live by the 5 year minimum rule – each piece of decor and future should have at least a 5 year lifespan in your interior. If you don’t think it will last 5 years, don’t choose it.

2. Opt for practical decor

Wherever possible opt for decor pieces that also have a function. Remember that if you buy high quality toys, these can be used as decor when they’re not being played with. Think classic wooden toys and handmade soft toys that can be displayed on shelves and the bed.

Bed linen and cushions can also be used to add splashes of colour and pops of interest to the space.

Or you could really think outside the box and opt for a chalkboard wall – which can be an educational activity as well as a unique piece of decor.

3. Versatile furniture is key!

Remember our 5 year rule? This certainly applies here more than anywhere else. With safety and function being at the forefront of furniture choices, you should also consider how you can stretch the lifespan of your furniture pieces, how you can repurpose them as your child grows and matures.

For example, there are a range of cots now that can transform into children’s beds as the child gets bigger. There are changing tables that can transform into storage shelves… Investing in pieces like these is a great way to ensure that your styling efforts will stand the test of time!

Another detail to keep in mind as you choose furniture is storage… Many furniture items these days have a twofold purpose of acting as storage as well. If you do choose items like these, be sure that their child-friendly: are they accessible? Are they safe? There’s no point in investing in great storage if your child can’t reach it or access it, and you end up having to put the toys away!

4. Nurture creativity with books and maps

There’s nothing more important than nurturing creativity and education in your child’s room, and there a number of innovative ways you can do this.

One of our favourite ways of encouraging creativity and inquisitiveness is by using maps in your decor. You can opt to feature maps through wall decals or wallpaper, or even by using specially designed rugs. However you choose to include them, maps create a sense of wonder about the world, and can even encourage the adventurer within!

Another great way to nurture your child’s early education through decor is to feature books and bookshelves in their room. Whether it’s an entire mini library, or you opt to showcase just their favourite books, including these from an early age can foster a love of education, reading and imagination.

5. Be mindful of your lighting choices

Lighting is an important factor to styling any room, but you do need to be especially mindful of your choices when it comes to the lighting used in your kid’s room.

For example, if you have young children – they may still be having daytime naps. You need to be able to adjust the lighting accordingly, so investing in quality curtains or blinds is a must. In fact, sleep is incredibly important for children of any age – they’re constantly growing and active, and so being able to get a good night’s sleep is vital. Be sure that the light from outside can be blocked out appropriately.

Our stylists also recommend using dimmer lights where possible, so you can adjust the lighting throughout the night as well. This can also be done with the use of floor lamps (which also make great reading light!).


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