Our Top 3 Wallpapers For Your Reception Area

November 8 2017

Your reception area is one of the most important spaces in your corporate business HQ. First impressions are incredibly important and you want to ensure that clients and potential business partners are impressed as soon as they set foot in your office.

Often offices are rented spaces, and so businesses are hesitant to make big changes to the foundational decor. However, removable wallpaper like our Luxe Canvas Wallpaper is a fantastic way to revamp your reception area or waiting room.

Luxe Canvas Wallpaper is reposition-able and removable, leaving no residue on your walls, making it perfect for people who rent their office.

We sat down with our stylists and discussed our top three wallpapers for your reception area.

1. Marble Look Wallpaper

Check out the glamorous marble look wallpaper in our featured image above. This design gives any space a sleek facelift and is bound to create a lasting impression on your clients and office guests.

This marble design is a sophisticated texture to add into just about any space, and works well with any existing decor, making it an affordable option for revamping your reception area.

2. Nature Landscape Wallpaper

If you’re looking for something a little more bold and daring, then you might like to try a nature landscape for your business HQ.

We have a collection of designs that range from vibrant and striking to more understated low key prints.

Whatever your style and needs for your office, there’s no doubt that bringing the outdoors inside breathes new life into a tired space.

3. Native Floral Wallpaper

Without doubt, one of the most popular designs for corporate spaces is our Native Floral Wallpaper. This one is rich in detail and colour, making it ideal for creating a statement wall in just about any area.

It’s perfect with neutral furniture and decor, and boasts a warm, inviting atmosphere.

None of these designs tickle your fancy? Check out our range of contemporary wallpapers here.