Trend Alert: Wabi-Sabi

January 24 2018

Recently, the term, ‘Wabi-Sabi’ has been thrown around quite a bit. Here at Luxe Walls, we thought we would show you what all the fuss is about as this new stylish trend takes the design world by storm.

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese derived term, coming from the roots of Zen Buddhism, with a major focus on communication with the earth and nature (click here to browse our zen wallpaper range).

The word itself is directly translated in simple terms to, “a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete… a beauty of things modest and humble… a beauty of things unconventional”. The style being described as the poetry of nuances and subtlety, originally the two words “Wabi” and “Sabi” meant two different things. Wabi has come to mean simple, unmaterialistic, humble and in tune with nature, whereas Sabi means, ‘the bloom of time’ such as the appreciation of weathered grey wood or aged copper.

Wabi-Sabi is all about simplicity, uncluttered and modest surroundings, focusing on the beauty in imperfections. Think of your favourite jeans, how over time they age and fade and you feel you could never part from them – that’s the exact sort of fondness of the old and aged that Wabi-Sabi is all about. With this, the up and coming style focuses on authenticity as key, aiming for a modest and understated atmosphere.

Inspiring minimalism in its execution, Wabi-Sabi hones in on the “obvious pretty” vs the “unique pretty”. Being all about honesty and the raw nature of spaces, Wabi-Sabi is symbolic of how loving use and the passing of time should be embraced.

When it comes to using the Wabi-Sabi style in your home, ‘Wabbitos’ (Wabi-Sabi enthusiasts) tend to focus on their design being an authentic reflection of the space’s owner, as a reminder of the honesty of the trend. Similar to a rustic style with a flare of austerity, it is best to focus on simplicity and space when using this design. The colour palette often sways toward greys, whites and earthy tones to play with the natural minimalist design, whilst chosen possessions and other items are pared down to the essentials based on utility, beauty or nostalgia (or all three).

We have a range of different wallpaper looks that can work well with this aesthetic. Click here to view our timber and wood finishes, or here to look at our faux finishes like marble. You can also check out our concrete range, which, with the right decor can work well with the wabi-sabi vibe.

Keeping this in mind, aspects of cracks and scratches can suggest age and experience that match the sincerity of the environment. Perfect examples of this are seen in the popular use of old, hardcover books or vintage typewriters – this pairing with the French styling technique of chiner, to look in second-hand stores for furniture and objects. This rustic-esque element can easily be found in our selection of wallpapers to tie your styling together.

Wabi-sabi is a curious combination of style concerned with being inspired by the attitude of living modestly and considering everything as a gift, acknowledging the potential for things to be stripped away.

Delving into the art of appreciation and efficiency, Wabi-Sabi greatly reflects the strong ecological awareness of the present-day. Designs often surround reusing and repurposing materials, emphasising a great use and passion for nature to reference its Japanese Buddhist foundations.

With this, Wabi-Sabi is a great way to style that is not only better for our planet, but is completely on trend. No matter what your style, Wabi-Sabi with the help of Luxe Walls wallpaper is an extra twist that is great for your soul and your back pocket, learning to be happy with what you have as you explore this sincere and intimate aesthetic.

Featured Image courtesy of Home Loves, showcasing our Grungy White Concrete Wallpaper.