Trend Focus: Watercolour Wallpaper

November 1 2017

If there’s one trend that’s been on the rise in recent months it’s watercolour wallpaper. Watercolour designs are incredibly versatile, not to mention highly sought-after in the interior design sphere. Not only do they add a range of rich, intense hues to your interiors, but they also add a sense of depth and texture.

We’ve seen watercolour wallpaper used everywhere from kids’ rooms to formal dining spaces, and everywhere in between. It’s the sort of design that hits refresh on any room effortlessly, and breathes new life into tired spaces.

Here at Luxe Walls, we’ve got an extensive range of watercolour wallpaper options for you to choose from. Our designs have graced the pages of your favourite glossy magazines, the blogs of your favourite stylists and even your small screens…

So here are our 3 favourite watercolour wallpapers.

1. Sunrise Watercolour Wallpaper

(featured image above)

One of the most popular designs of the year by far has been the Sunrise Watercolour Wallpaper. We’ve seen this used in little girls’ nurseries as well as powder rooms, walk in wardrobes and living rooms. It’s an incredibly versatile print that’s become increasingly popular.

We love the warm tones in this one, making it perfect for creating a welcoming family or entertaining area in your home.

2. Abstract Blue Watercolour Wallpaper

On the other end of the spectrum is the Abstract Blue Watercolour Wallpaper. This design offers a moody, expressive feel, perfect for creating a designer edge in any space.

We love the versatility of this print, as it works with practically any existing decor you may have.

3. Watercolour Strelitzia Wallpaper

This gorgeous shot is courtesy of Three Birds Renovations, featuring one of our favourite watercolour wallpaper designs, the Watercolour Strelitzia Wallpaper.

This print is a striking design that’s bound to become a talking point of your home. See how Three Birds have used it in a unique way by applying it to the ceiling and not the walls? Amazing!


We couldn’t be more keen on the watercolour wallpaper trend. And as if these three incredible designs weren’t enough, check out our other watercolour designs here.