decorating your teenagers room

Ultimate Guide To Decorating Your Teenager’s Room

September 27 2017

Decorating your teenager’s room can be a tricky task. As you’re no doubt aware, adolescence is a time that is rife with change. Your teenager’s style, their interests and their hobbies will adapt and grow as they do, therefore it’s important that their bedroom is also an adaptable and practical space. That doesn’t mean it has to be devoid of style, quite the opposite actually. There are a range of ways you can revamp and decorate your teenager’s room, and we’ve got the best of the best right here…

1. Use removable wallpaper

We know it’s not exactly a surprise that this is our first recommendation, but using removable wallpaper is a fuss-free and simple way to update your teenager’s room in a non-permanent and affordable way.

Whether it’s an obsession with a favourite colour or perhaps a trend with books, movies or celebrities, things change and the last thing you want it to have to repaint or redecorate three months later. We recommend that you use bold colours and prints carefully. Try and opt for more neutral wallpaper designs and update the soft furnishings or bedding when your teen is feeling restless with their decor.

However, removable wallpaper does provide you (and your teen) with the flexibility to update your design and look. Our Canvas wallpaper in particular is 100% removable, making it perfect for non-committal teens and parents who rent.

We’ve got numerous collections, from cityscape wallpaper and floral wallpaper, to contemporary and everything in between. You can also customise the wallpaper to feature a photo collage, or your own design.

2. Purchase furniture with a two-fold purpose

Here’s something we can’t recommend enough: purchase furniture with a two-fold purpose. Whether it’s a desk that also acts as storage, or a bed that stows away spare linen, or even a nested set of end tables.

Also be wary of bulky furniture – bedheads and elaborate shelving can eat into the room’s already limited space. Be sure to keep these things in mind when decorating your teenager’s room.

Space is often limited in bedrooms, and opting for versatile furniture is a great way to save space and ensure every piece has a practical purpose.

3. Update soft furnishings

Here’s where the magic can really happen. Soft furnishings are an affordable way of updating a space without having to do substantial renovations. Use things like cushions, throws and quilt cover sets to breathe new life into a tired space.

This is where your teenager can express their tastes in films, music, books and celebrities if they feel the need to. Sequinned cushions and boldly coloured throws are a great way to personalise your teen’s room, and are easily updated when tastes change.


Don’t forget to browse our range of removable wallpapers here, they’re perfect for decorating your teenager’s bedroom!