Vintage Affair: Our Top 3 Vintage Wallpapers

August 2 2017

If there’s one thing that never wavers, it’s our love of vintage. Vintage fashion, vintage decor – there’s something nostalgic and classic about a good vintage piece. So it’s only natural that here at Luxe Walls, one of our favourite types of wallpaper is Vintage Wallpaper. Using vintage wallpaper is a simple and affordable way to add that old world glamour to your home. It’s a great way of adding interest and character to a space.

The beauty of vintage is that it can be as bold and dramatic as you like, or more understated if you prefer a subtler aesthetic. Whether you’re opting for 70s retro vibes or more mid-century charm, Luxe Walls is bound to have something for you.

But! In case you were wondering, our stylists have put their heads together, and have come up with their top three favourite Vintage Wallpapers… Check them out below!

1. Baroque Wallpaper

This striking baroque wallpaper is inspired by the baroque style that emerged in the 17th century. It was immensely popular, and adorned the interiors of just about everything from churches to the homes of wealthy aristocrats.

It’s known for its intricate and ornate patterns, that are usually displayed in contrasting colours. Metallics have always been a popular choice when it comes to this design, as well as pastels.

Our stylists love the elegant gold of this design, making it a great option for those who are looking to add a vintage twist to a contemporary space, without going OTT! See our featured image above!

2. Bulb Flowers Wallpaper

The Bulb Flowers Wallpaper takes the vintage look in another direction – retro. This design is a celebrated throwback to the 70s vibes. Think jukeboxes, bold colours and prints, and contrasting hues.

With its funky floral design, this print is one of our favourites for those looking to add those much loved retro vibes to their homes. We recommend this vintage wallpaper for a statement wall with key pieces like a retro sideboard to accent the design.

3. Poppies Wallpaper

Another of our favourite vintage wallpapers is the Poppies Wallpaper, which is absolutely ideal for adding a touch of old world charm to your interiors. We particularly love this design for a feature wall in a powder room or bedroom, as it does have a feminine feel.

The beauty of this print is that it offers an understated sense of classic charm, making it a versatile choice for anyone looking to add a bit of vintage love to their home without having to update their existing decor.

Our stylists recommend this design for use in a hallway, a powder room and/or a bedroom. If you’re looking for maximum impact, don’t limit this wallpaper to just one wall. Because of its white background and subtle colouring, it can be applied to a number of walls in any one space.


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What’s your favourite vintage wallpaper look? Let us know in the comments below!