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Wallpaper Designs To Help Revamp Your Home

April 26 2017

Anyone who takes pride in the presentation of their home is always looking for unique and affordable ways to reinvent the wheel, and update their interiors. The simplest solution when it comes to revamping your decor is to update your walls with stylish wallpaper designs.

Here at Luxe, we’re super passionate about helping our clients get the best their money can buy, and that generally comes in the form of New York City. Our stylists work around the clock to find incredible wallpaper designs for homes, commercial spaces and offices. However, we understand that sometimes trawling through hundreds and hundreds of images isn’t at the top of your to-do list. So we’ve talked to our experts, who’ve compiled this great list of their top 5 designs to help revamp your home…

1. Golden Palm Leaf Wallpaper Design

(featured above)

We’ve got no doubt you’ve seen the green variation of the traditional palm tree print somewhere, however, we’ve got a unique and glamorous twist on the popular tropical pattern.

Our golden palm leaf wallpaper design is a favourite among our stylists – it reinvents a space instantly, and adds an element of luxury to just about any interior.

In particular, we love the intricacy of the print, and it’s versatile nature – it works well in both small contained spaces and large open rooms.

2. American folk wallpaper

wallpaper designs folk wallpaper

Who doesn’t love a good illustration? There’s something magical about hand-drawn elements in decor, and the American folk wallpaper is a great example of this.

This wallpaper design is perfect for a child’s bedroom or baby’s nursery, making a quaint, yet striking feature wall. It works well with neutral decor and soft furnishings.

3. Boardwalk wallpaper

boardwalk wallpaper designs

Want to create a sense of tranquility and escape throughout your home? Why not bring your favourite locations indoors, with Luxe Walls removable wallpaper?

You can opt for one of our breathtaking wallpaper designs like the boardwalk wallpaper, or you can choose to upload your own creation from your own personal photos. Either way, this adds a unique talking point to any space.

We particularly love this look in a home office or study.

4. Cityscape wallpaper designs

Cityscapes and New York Wallpaper

Is there anything more chic than bringing the sophistication of the world’s greatest cities into your home? We especially love the monochrome cityscapes of New York City, Paris and London.

The wintry design we’ve included of Manhattan above is one of our go-to suggestions for client seeking to add a little glam to their interiors.

It works incredibly well with neutral decor foundations with a splash of colour using soft furnishing like cushions and throws.

If you’re interested in more cityscape designs to choose from, check out our favourites here.

5. Gold dots wallpaper

wallpaper designs gold

In case you haven’t noticed, gold tones are back and here to stay. Whether it’s small accents around your home or with a daring feature wall, gold brings a brightness to any space.

The gold spots wallpaper is one of the favourite wallpaper designs among our stylists. It’s just the right combination of classic white and vibrant metallic without becoming overwhelming.

This design works extremely well for statement walls, but also for jazzing up smaller spaces with an understated feature wall.

Don’t forget there’s something for every style at Luxe Walls, so if what you’re after isn’t here, just get in touch and we’ll work with you to find your dream wall.