Wallpaper for Girls: Our Top 5 Picks

October 16 2020

When it comes to selecting a girls wallpaper there are many options these days that cater to an array of different looks for varying styles and personalities.

Pink is the go-to colour for many when it comes to a girls wallpaper, its tried, tested and become somewhat of a classic.

However, pink may not be to every girl’s taste and here at Luxe Walls, we understand that. It’s great to have choices that weren’t around years ago, that’s why in this category we have plenty of other stylish options for you to choose from too.

Here are 5 excellent examples of what Luxe Walls has to offer for your young girls’ first wallpaper, her next exciting bedroom remodel or even designs that can spice up your own desired rooms as well.

Gingham Wallpaper: 

Gingham has been with us for ages and its easy to see why its a classic! It’s a very soft and cheerful wallpaper design available in a number of different colourways. It’s a tasteful choice to perfectly suit a new baby girl’s nursery or a young girls bedroom.

Whether you go for pink or a more neutral colour palette, this design would complement neutral tones often found in a nursery such as grey, white, navy and stone. Have a look at Anna Price, Laura Dougherty or Bernadette Lopez for some Gingham Wallpaper designs.

Leopard Print Wallpaper

Take a walk on the wild side with a Leopard Print Wallpaper by Anna Price! Available in various colourways, this print showcases a familiar design in a fun & funky style suitable for girls of all ages.

Whats more, it doesn’t have to just be for a bedroom either. This design is versatile and could very well be a point of difference in a playroom, living room or hallway as well as a bedroom. 

Botanical Wallpaper:

Why not go for something a little tropical and glamorous? Botanical prints bring a relaxed tropical feel with a touch of class that will complement a range of interior styles.

Go for a simple design in a small print or a more exotic design in a larger scale to create an effective backdrop that’s ideal for a young or teenage girls bedroom. Botanical open up a diverse colour palette for you to choose from that can perfectly complement existing furniture and finishings. From fresh green palms to baby pink blooms – the options are endless.

Wood Panel Wallpaper:

Wood panels are stylish, elegant & timeless. Available in a wide variety of colours (or a specific colour of your choosing) wood panels are an extremely versatile design that will grow with your little one.

Suitable for a girl of any age and for almost any room in your interior. Create a serene atmosphere with a pastel tone, or go for a cosy feel with warmer hues, this design in any shade will create the look and feel you desire.

Watercolour Wallpaper:

Something you’re bound to adore! Soft watercolours in any colour will bring a modern & playful aesthetic to your little ones room.

Whether you go for warm tones or cooler hues, a watercolour wallpaper will add interest and personality to a young girls bedroom, nursery, playroom or even your own desired room. If anything, these prints will increase the positive vibes and make the room a bright and fun place to be.