Wallpaper Online: The Simplest Way To Renovate

July 19 2017

Today on Luxe Insider we want to talk about the benefits of getting your wallpaper online. With dozens of home renovation shows gracing our small screens, and the numerous DIY blogs and magazines in circulation, it’s no wonder that Aussies have caught the home improvement bug. And with more of us doing our shopping online than ever before, it makes sense: wallpaper online is the simplest way to renovate.

And simple is the operative word! With retailers like Luxe Walls, you can order free samples of the texture of wallpaper you’re considering. In our case it’s Luxe Canvas, Luxe Linen and Luxe Crushed Stone. You can get small samples delivered straight to your home, where you can compare and contras the various textures, and see what will work best throughout your interiors, without even leaving the comfort of your home.

Next, we recommend that you take inspiration from your favourite renovation shows and magazines. Find a style that suits you, your home and your lifestyle. What is it about this style that you want to mirror or replicate? Make sure you think practically, and considering things like lighting showing flaws in particular materials etc. as well as how often you realistically clean surfaces.

The beauty of using removable wallpaper is that it gives you the freedom to experiment with different trends and aesthetics without committing to overpriced paint jobs or messy, glue-based wallpapers.

All Luxe Walls products celebrate this freedom with all its wallpapers being self-adhesive, and repositionable upon application. So you don’t need to worry if you misalign a panel, simply peel it back and smooth it over in the right place. Luxe Canvas wallpaper is 100% repositionable and removable, leaving no residue on your walls should you want to redecorate at a later date.

Ordering wallpaper online has never been simpler. All you need to do is choose your look from Luxe Walls or alternatively, choose from 102 million images from our image partner Alamy. There’s also the option to upload your own image.

Once you’ve chosen your look, you’ll need to measure your walls. Measure the selected wall’s width and height – watch our videos to see just how easy it is! Once you’ve got these details, all you need to do is order your wallpaper online.

Being able to complete this whole process from the comfort of your own home makes renovating stress-free from the get-go.

Forget visiting hardware stores, ordering your wallpaper online is a seamless, hassle-free process that starts your renovation off on the right foot straight away. Say goodbye to unnecessary stress, pressure and mess.

After you’ve completed the ordering process, your wallpaper will be delivered straight to your home, with you able to start your decorating on the same day, and complete it within the afternoon.

Can’t find the look you’re after? Get in touch with one of our agents in our live chat to see if we can help!