Welcome to the Jungle Wallpaper.

October 21 2020

The jungle is a wild place where animals and nature reign supreme, it’s one of the few types of places that remain mostly untouched by man. For the purpose of wallpaper, the term jungle is referring to the wild, nature and the serenity that can be found within a jungle – all becoming one to create a harmonious and fresh feeling within your home. Our range of Jungle wallpapers is diverse and dynamic with something for everyone.

You will find plenty of native flora found within a jungle in this wild & wonderful collection. To assist in your search, we have put together a top 5 list of brilliant wallpapers all inspired by the jungle.

Plantation Leaves Wallpaper – Soft Pink:

An arty botanical print that utilises soft pink tones with a little luxury created by the gold-lining of the leaves. This original design by Kirsten Katz is rather abstract which gives the print versatility for around the home, it’d suit a girls bedroom, powder room, bathroom or even a retro-inspired kitchen. While not boasting the regular colours seen in a jungle, this print will still bring with it that rich feeling of freedom just with a touch of added class and sophistication.

Jungle Thickets Wallpaper:

Green tropical palm leaves and monstera leaves intertwine in this print to give a three-dimensional look to your walls. This design is very tasteful and perfectly suits a variety of rooms in and around the house or even in an office. The way in which the three-dimensional emerald green leaves pop makes you feel as if you’re somewhat part of the design, which in turn will give you that serenity you’re after – from the jungle to your home!

Jungle Foliage:

This print is very powerful in black and white. The monochromatic style helps to add some sophistication to this botanical print with the black flora contrasting beautifully with the white background. Due to the lack of colour it gives such a print the ability to adapt in any room of your home, however we recommend it’d look that little bit extra wild in the hallway, as a feature wall or even in a home or commercial office.

Bamboo Leaves Wallpaper:

Leaving the more realistic examples behind our Bamboo Leaves Wallpaper showcases light green and white leaves overlapping to create a cool effect on top of the darker green background. The tones used are all about nature and creating that feeling of escapism to somewhere a lot more peaceful. The cartoon-like style of art in the print gives it a rather playful edge too, making it suitable for younger kids bedrooms or playrooms as well as your other desired locations around the house.

Rainforest Wallpaper:

This print will simply enrich any room that it is placed in. Our Rainforest Wallpaper is a snapshot from within a jungle, making it authentically sereen with the almost still water in the forefront and the plants overhanging in the background with their wonderful green hues dominating the image. Give your bedroom, feature wall or hallway that same feeling of ultimate peace with this wild yet tame print.